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A Look at St. Elizabeth’s Farmers Market Voucher Program

A graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, Dr. Brian Klagges has worked as surgeon in the Boston community since 2000. In addition to his medical education, Dr. Brian Klagges also completed postgraduate training in anesthesiology and interventional pain management at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.
As one of the top-ranked hospitals in the nation, St. Elizabeth’ Medical Center maintains a commitment to not only providing high-quality medical care for each patient, but also to helping the community as a whole through innovative health programs. To that end, St. Elizabeth’s and eight other hospitals created the Farmers Market Voucher Program in 2012 with the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets. The voucher program was designed with the dual purpose of supporting the local farmers’ markets and educating patients about the essentials of nutrition and portion control.
As part of the program, participants in the Diabetes Education Program at St. Elizabeth’s received one-on-one and group sessions as well as vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables, good at over 100 farmers’ markets throughout Massachusetts. Since its inception, the program has expanded to accommodate more than 80 participants and their family members, and St. Elizabeth’s has contributed more than $15,000 in vouchers to St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children.
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