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Genicular Nerve Ablation and Knee Pain

by Dr Brian Klagges

Pain interventionist and licensed anesthesiologist Brian Klagges, MD, has 15 years of experience in the medical field. The first in the state of New Hampshire to perform a percutaneous hydrodiscectomy procedure, Dr. Brian Klagges also performs genicular nerve ablation to relieve knee pain in patients experiencing severe knee arthritis.
Genicular nerve ablation is conventionally used as an option for patients who cannot or do not want to undergo knee replacement. Performed in two phases, the procedure involves applying a specific type of radio wave directly to the genicular nerves within the knee. A doctor performing this procedure will first apply an anesthetic to the nerves to test their responsiveness before continuing with radiofrequency ablation.
This outpatient procedure can also be used to relieve knee pain that is caused by degenerative joint disease, total and partial knee replacements, and osteoarthritis. It is a comparatively inexpensive procedure covered by many insurance companies, and it poses a minimal risk of infection.                            
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