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Less-invasive Spinal Surgeries

by Dr Brian Klagges

As an anesthesiologist and MD, Dr. Brian Klagges administers pain medication to patients. Additionally, Dr. Brian Klagges trains other doctors on procedures designed to reduce pain, such as types of less-invasive spine surgery.
During less-invasive spinal surgery, surgeons typically utilize tubular retractors. These are specialized instruments designed to form a tunnel to the area of the spine that will be treated. The retractor remains in place during the surgery and is taken out afterward. Since only a smaller part of the tissues and muscles in the surrounding area is affected, this approach is likely to result in shorter healing times and less discomfort after surgery when compared to more traditional methods, which call for long incisions to open up the area.
However, while generally considered safer, minimally invasive spinal procedures are not risk free. They can result in a number of possible complications, such as infection, and it’s possible that patients’ original symptoms might reoccur afterward. Other complications, such as damage to the nerves and blood clots, are relatively rare but still possible. A doctor can answer a patient’s questions about the possible benefits of a procedure as well as the potential risks.                            
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