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Researchers Identified New Anesthetics through Compound Tests

by Dr Brian Klagges

Dr. Brian Klagges leverages more than 10 years of medical experience to serve as the director of interventional pain management and as the director of the Interventional Spine Center at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. An active leader in the field of an anesthesiology, Dr.
Brian Klagges stays current with industry developments as a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).
In a recent press release, the ASA announced that researchers are close to creating a new category of anesthetics, which would be the first new class of anesthetics since the 1970s. A study published in Anesthesiology, the ASA’s official medical journal, discovered two new anesthetic drugs by using an innovative approach to revealing compounds.
Instead of relying on the traditional method of altering existing anesthetic drugs, the study’s researchers tested more than 350,000 compounds for potential as anesthetic agents. The researchers then conducted animal trials to study a subset of compounds with the best structural foundation, and identified two compounds that could potentially be used for human anesthetics.
While additional studies are required before the anesthetics can be considered for human use, the study did reveal that new anesthetics exist, which could facilitate a future generation of improved anesthetics with fewer risks.
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